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Dear Members,

The patio,grillroom, and dining room are now closed until March 4th

Golf Information and Guidelines
Please read the course information followed by the guidelines we will be following until told otherwise by the state.  The safety of our members is at our top priority.

Posting scores - We are now in the score posting season.  Please use your smart phone to post your scores when done with your round.  If you need assistance with posting your scores online reach out to your golf professionals and they will assist you.

Safety Guidelines

To help keep golf safe and fun during this time we are going to be using these guidelines set forward by "Pennsylvania alliance for golf" .  The recommendations are in black and our guidelines are in red.  Thanks for understanding and keeping the club safe and these are all open for change as the guidelines change!

1. Staffing 

A.  It is strongly recommended that all fees, including green, guest and cart fees be paid on line or via touchless payments prior to arrival.
Member Charges- To help with traffic in the golf shop all guest fees, cart fees and other charges will be billed to member accounts.  The golf professionals will confirm all of these charges outside of the golf shop to help keep interactions in the golf shop to a minimum.

B. Staff to assist in bag handling anywhere on the property are prohibited. Players should retain personal possession of their golf bags which should not be stored in a baggage storage facility.
Outside Staff and Bag Storage - At this time the members will be IN charge of handling their own bags and storage will not be available.   You can walk down and grab a golf cart and drive it to your car and load your bag on or carry your clubs down and load your bag.  We apologize that we are currently unable to help with this process but we are trying to keep unnessary touching to a limited basis.

C.  Staff will be permitted to provide, sanitize and maintain motorized carts and/or pull carts for individual use only. No shared carts are allowed.
Cart Rules - Golf carts and pull carts will be cleaned and sanitized after each use.  We will only be permitting 1 rider per cart with the exception of family members that live in the same household being allowed to ride together.  Due to the number of golf carts we will be recommending walking, as well as, two bags loaded on 1 cart with one person walking at a time.  Two riders other than family members is prohibited.  If you split a cart and 1 member walks we will break 18 hole cart fee down to two 9 hole cart fees.  Please reach out if you have questions with this as it can be confusing.

D.   Staff will be allowed to ensure access to the property by authorized golfers only. No observers or non-golfers should be allowed on the course
Non golfers will not be allowed on site.  The only exception will be members not golfing but picking up take out orders or spouses riding or walking along with their spouse. This will be monitored by staff on site. 

E. Staff will be allowed to ensure enforcement of the health and safety restrictions outlined by the Governor. Special attention should be paid to prohibiting grouping in the parking lot and the first tee. 
If playing with a group please do your best to make teams quickly and get out on the course in a timey manor.

F. Staff should wear protective gloves and face masks.
The Staff will be abiding by these guidelines! 

2. Common Use Items/Equipment 

A.  All rakes should be removed from the bunkers. Players should smooth the sand after use using their shoes or a club.
All rakes will be removed.  Bunkers will be played as lift, clean, and place. Please smooth sand with shoes after entering.

B.  No tees, scorecards, ball markers or other common use items should be provided.
 Our tees, scorecards, and pencils will be sanitized for use and please disregard after each use!

C.  Ball washers and water coolers should be removed. If they cannot be removed, clear signage forbidding their use should be provided.
We hope to remove all ball washers and all water colors have been removed.  If there is a ball washer please do not use.  Please bring water with you as water machine will also not be available.  

D. Flagsticks should not be removed while putting unless a “touchless” device has been installed.  Raised cup liners or foam inserts should be used while leaving the flagstick in place.
We have inserted Foam into the holes so the golf ball does not go all the way to the bottom of hole.  The flagstick shall not be removed under any circumstances.  If your ball would hit the foam insert and pop out the ball would be deemed holed.

3. Tee Times

A. Tee times should be spaced, preferably no closer than fifteen minutes apart, to minimize chance of congregating on the first tee.
Our tee times will be spaced out to help promote social distancing.  Please be patient until it is your turn to tee off.  The golf professionals will be your guide on when it is your turn to tee off. 

4. Social Distancing 

A. Social distancing should be strictly maintained at all times and places on the course.
Keep the suggested 6 feet at all times 

B. Handshakes should be eliminated.
No Handshakes 

C. No balls or equipment should be shared or exchanged. Rental equipment is prohibited.
Only use your own equipment.

D. Signage outlining these playing restrictions should be prominently posted.
We will post these guidelines around the golf course 

5. Clubhouse/Proshop

A. Pro shops should remain closed to in-person retail sales.
Minimum of 1 person in the golf shop at all times.  If you need something out of the golf shop ask the golf professional and he will get it for you!

B. All clubhouse/restaurants should remain closed, take out services permitted in strict accordance health and safety restrictions outlined by the Governor.
The clubhouse will remain closed however the clubhouse will be open for take out for Food and Beverage products.  This including Alcohol purchase for use on the golf course.  No outside alcohol will be permitted under any circumstances. Please be patient as the club trys to get product in as quickly as possible.

The clubhouse is adding a limited lunch take out menu starting this Saturday from 11am-2pm. You are not permitted to eat inside the clubhouse or outside on the patio. We suggest pick up times when you are making the turn or pick up after your round to take home. A menu with more details will be emailed soon, as well as signage around the course.

C. Clubhouses should be closed, limited restroom access may be made available.
The locker rooms and facilities will be open but please be very efficient when using and do not spend time other than using the facilities or changing your shoes quickly.  Please Wash Hands before and after use!!

We look forward to seeing everyone out golfing in a safe environment.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this uncharted and ever-changing situation. For assistance or questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.